Alagni Cretan Resort

The hotel unit is located in the Alagni area in the center of the Heraklion prefecture and at a distance of 25 kilometers from the city of Heraklion. The unit consists of four luxurious stone houses, a cafe and a church embedded in green olive groves with absolute respect for the physiognomy of the place and the Cretan tradition. {Booking now here}

All the buildings have been integrated into the local environment respecting the physiognomy of the area. The architecture of the unit combines the traditional construction method of the Cretan residence with the modern living requirements of the guests, with the aim of maximizing the comforts it provides to the guests but also preserving the Cretan tradition in the exterior spaces and the abstract architecture inside them. {Booking now here}

The visitor has the opportunity to enjoy moments of absolute relaxation engaged in gardening, collecting vegetables from the garden or picking fruit from the orchard that exists within the estate, he can also engage in the harvesting of olives from our olive grove and of course participate in the walking routes and cycling organized to enjoy contact with nature with multiple beneficial effects such as improving our physical but also our mental and spiritual well-being. The natural environment around us is the key for the visitor to feel mental well-being.

Depending on the season in the estate, various events are organized in the cafe, the visitor can try various hot drinks that contain natural ingredients and herbs, they can be consumed at any time of the day or… of the night as they do not contain caffeine and have excellent properties that benefit the mood, the body and organism, which cheer up and rejuvenate. and in addition to watch and participate in the preparation of Cretan traditional products …. eg skaltsounia or bread dough that will be baked in the traditional wood-fired oven that the unit has. {Booking now here}

Finally, there are cocktail parties around the pool and barbecue nights where all guests can participate and engage in grilling on the unit’s grill or in the traditional way of grilling the antichrist.

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