Bourazani Wild Life Resort

Located opposite the Bourazani Wildlife Park in Konitsa, this resort offers organized tours of Bourazani Wildlife Park, along with leisure facilities, including an outdoor pool and tennis courts. {Booking now here}

Built according to the local architecture of Bourazani, the Wild Life Resort offers a variety of spacious rooms and suites in a natural setting. Wooden furniture, rich and colorful textiles and stone fireplaces add to the rustic feel of Bourazani. {Booking now here}

You can enjoy educational tours of Bourazani Park, along with the thrill of spotting wild animals including deer and boars. A qualified vet is available to educate guests regarding animal behavior and biological circles. At Bourazani Hotel, enjoy a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool or challenge your partner to a game of tennis. Hire some fishing equipment or mountain bikes from Bourazani Hotel and make the most of the outdoor life.

Bourazani hotel is located in Konitsa, just opposite the Wild Life Park ”Bourazani”. Built according to the local architecture, Bourazani Wild Life Resort offers spacious rooms & suites in a natural setting. It features wooden furniture, soft colorful fabrics & stone fireplaces, creating altogether a rustic atmosphere. {Booking now here}

The visitor has the opportunity to enjoy educational tours at ”Bourazani” Environmental Park, observing wildlife such as 2 species of deer, wild goats, mouflons and wild boars in their natural environment. There is a specialist veterinarian who informs visitors about the behavior of animals and their biological cycles. During the tour, the visitors also visit the Museum of Natural History ”Ophrys Epirotica” and the Convention Center ”Bourazani”, where they get all the information needed regarding flora and fauna of the area.

In the hotel area there is a swimming pool available, restaurant and bar. The hotel provides fishing equipment or mountain bikes for rent to enjoy the countryside to the fullest. In order for the guests to get the most of the experiences we provide information and maps for traditional neighbouring villages, the ”Vikos-Aoos” National Park, rivers, mountain lakes, old stone bridges, monasteries and a great number of outdoor activities, such as trekking, walkinf, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, cycling, rafting, fly-fishing, canoe-kayak, horse riding, flora observation, bird and butterfly observation. {Booking now here}

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