One of The 50 most beautiful places in the world is Sarakiniko Beach on Milos

Off-radar Milos has some of the best beaches in the Aegean without the buzz of Mykonos or Santorini. Moon-like Sarakiniko is made up of mounds of undulating bone-white, wave-like volcanic rock and forms one of the island’s most mesmerising bays. {Booking now here}

Everything You Need to Know About Sarakiniko Beach. Sarakiniko Beach is arguable the most instagrammed beach in Greece and it’s the most popular beach on Milos Island – and as soon as you get there, it’s easy to see why. With the white rock formations and azure waters, it’s the perfect spot for kicking back and relaxing or exploring and being adventurous.

Sarakiniko beach is truly unique but you will be surprised to know that the majority of people who visit Sarakiniko only visit the beach for the instagram photo op. In this Milos travel guide we have written Everything You Need to Know About Sarakiniko Beach, to help you take full advantage of this stunning beach that is hidden in the Cyclades.

#1 YOU NEED YOUR OWN TRANSPORT {find the best hotels in Milos here}
The only way to get to Sarakiniko beach is by scooter, car, ATV or by foot (not recommended in the greek heat!). There is no public transport to Sarakiniko beach. Rest assured though, because of it’s popularity, Sarakiniko beach has plenty of parking for visitors. There is no competition for spaces.

Tip: If you’re feeling confident explore some of the dirt roads surrounding Sarakiniko beach. We took a wrong turn and it ended up being the coolest detour ever. Nobody else was on these roads, just us, the ocean breeze and the stunning landscape of Milos Island.

Update: There is a bus service that now operates on Milos island and each trip costs 1.80€. See timetable for Sarakiniko and other Milos destinations here. We would still recommend getting your own transport for the freedom to explore Milos and Sarakiniko.

#2 ARRIVE BEFORE 8AM {find the best hotels in Milos here}
Do so and you will have Sarakiniko to yourself (along with one or two locals if you’re unlucky). Sarakiniko beach is the most popular beach on Milos Island. If you want a few moments, just you, the beach and the salty sea, this is the only way to beat the crowds. From roughly 9am people start to arrive at the beach and from that point on, Sarakiniko just gets busier.

#3 COOL SPOTS ARE TO THE LEFT {find the best hotels in Milos here}
As you walk from the carpark to Sarakiniko beach you can see how widespread it is. If you are stuck for time and only want to see the highlights of Sarakiniko then make sure you head to the left. There you will find #4 and the best spots for #5.

#4 ABANDONED TUNNELS {find the best hotels in Milos here}
This is something we wish we knew when we visited Sarakiniko beach. They’re abandoned underground tunnels for you to explore, how cool is that? If the heat is beating you, step in side and check out these old mining tunnels. Definitely one thing you need to know about Sarakiniko beach before you arrive. P.S you need a torch, it’s pitch black inside.

#5 PERFECT FOR CLIFF JUMPING {find the best hotels in Milos here}
Literally the funnest thing to do at Sarakiniko beach. There is an insane amount of cliff jumping spots to throw yourself off. Don’t worry, they’re also some spots for the faint hearted. A number of spots at Sarakiniko beach have gentle inclines so you can work yourself up to the bigger heights. I even persuaded Tyler to take a leap. This is probably the main reason why we love Sarakiniko beach so much. But beware of #9 below.

#6 SUNSET IS A MUST! {find the best hotels in Milos here}
Ok so yes Sarakiniko beach gets busy during the day BUT.. Sunset isn’t as busy as you think. You would expect people to stay on for the natural phenomenon however, as soon as dusk starts to come, the crowds disperse. There will be a few people lingering on to catch golden hour at Sarakiniko but it is nothing compared to the number of people during the day. We visited Sarakiniko beach twice when we were on Milos Island. One to beat the crowds and two, to watch the sunset. You can’t miss the best sunset on Milos!

#7 ‘THE MOONSCAPES OF MILOS {find the best hotels in Milos here}
Sarakiniko is a bone white beach staggered with rock formations. It’s appearance is unusual and impressive at the same time (it is the most popular beach on Milos Island after all). Sarakiniko beach is a natural work of art. From years of erosion by wind and water against the volcanic rocks, it now resembles a moon like surface that gives it an other worldly experience. Especially when it’s #6.

#8 JUST THE BEACH, NOTHING ELSE. {find the best hotels in Milos here}
There are no shops, restaurants, refreshment stands or toilets at Sarakiniko beach. Be smart, if you plan to spend the whole day at Sarakiniko then come prepared. Bring water and food with you. Luckily Sarakiniko beach isn’t too far from nearby towns, if you’re bursting for the toilet you can make a quick dash on your scooter. If you’re feeling adventurous though you can find a bush.. but please don’t leave your toilet roll!

#9 BEWARE! {find the best hotels in Milos here}
If you’re doing #5 then be careful when you’re climbing in and out of the water, there are Sea Urchins at Sarakiniko beach. There is no real cure for standing on a Sea Urchin. You either carve their spine out of your foot with a knife or wait until your skin eventually heals and pushes it out (we are speaking from experience here, this happened to us in Sri Lanka).

Tip: You can always wear trainers or water shoes so you feel more comfortable in the water.

10. SARAKINIKO IS BIG BUT… {find the best hotels in Milos here}
The ‘Moonscapes of Milos’ are actually pretty big BUT the ‘beach’ section of Sarakiniko is relatively small. Because of the space around the ‘beach’ though, it won’t feel like it’s crowded, unless you try to lay on the sand that is.. If you have time don’t just explore #3 of Sarakiniko beach. Talk a walk around, check out the abandoned tunnels (#4) and see what else you can find. We heard there was a shipwreck..

BOOKING.COM {find the best hotels in Milos here}
Alternatively you can book your stay via for hotels in Milos Island.

High End: Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel
Set in Pollonia, 4 Star hotel with panoramic cliffside sea views

Mid Range: Alexandros Village
Combining traditional Greek architecture with modern décor.

Budget: Anemos Studios
Self-catering accommodation 200m from nearest beach.


FLYING {find the best hotels in Milos here}
There are no direct flights as Milos only has a national airport. Flying inside Greece if fine but if you’re flying internationally you will need to transfer, most likely in Athens. From there it’s only an hours flight. Milos airport is just 10 minutes from Adamantas, or a 20-minute drive to Pollonia.

FERRY {find the best hotels in Milos here}
The easiest way to get around the Greek islands and the Aegean Sea. For all for ferry routes, times, prices and bookings we use Book in advance during peak season, as boats can get busy!

TO/FROM ATHENS {find the best hotels in Milos here}
Take the ferry from Piraeus, Athens, to Milos Island. We would only recommend flying if you are staying close to Athens Airport.

TO/FROM SANTORINI, MYKONOS OR CRETE {find the best hotels in Milos here}
The best way is by ferry. We don’t recommend flying between islands, it’s too much hassle. Ferry services from these islands are relatively quick, we used to book our travels around the Greek Islands.

WHAT TO TAKE TO MILOS ISLAND: {find the best hotels in Milos here}

  • Reusable Cutlery & Lunch Box for picnics.
  • Beach Towel.
  • Eco Friendly Sun Cream, this is what we use and it’s also waterproof.
  • A water bottle with a built in filter. You can’t drink the tap water on Milos.
  • Camera to capture the stunning moments. We use a Sony a6300.
  • Underwater Camera/Waterproof Phone Case.
  • Snorkel Mask. Milos beaches are great for snorkelling, the water is crystal clear.

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