Skopelos Village Hotel

This hotel complex is ideally located in Skopelos, just 601 m from the town center and the harbor. The property features magnificent views over the sea and the picturesque mainland houses. {Booking now here}

The architecture of Skopelos Village Hotel’s 35 rooms and suites is characteristic of the Aegean Sea islands, while the inspired interior decoration allows for the relaxation and freshness we seek during carefree summers. Buffet breakfast is daily served. {Booking now here}

Skopelos is a paradise where the green of pine trees and dense forest mix with the deep blues of the sea and sky. In fact, Skopelos has been named as the Green and Blue Island by the International Organization of Biopolitics. This is an island for escaping from the pressures of modern life and resting in peaceful, serene surroundings where you set the pace.

The Skopelos Village hotel complex is located right where the green forests meet the crystal clear blue sea, where the natural beauty of Skopelos is reflected on the water of the Aegean Sea. for relaxation and tranquility just 600 meters from the harbor, with breathtaking views of the sea and the picturesque mainland houses. {Booking now here}

Hotel Skopelos Village invites you to relax and travel through the scents of jasmine, honeysuckle and lavender, which are emitted by the green trees of the island. Experience the most relaxing holidays in a unique heaven of hospitality just like the leading stars of the award-winning musical Mamma Mia! {Booking now here}

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