Valeni Boutique Hotel & Spa

Valeni Boutique Hotel is one of the most beautiful and complete Art Boutique Hotels in Portaria and the wider area of Pelion. Its location, at the entrance of the village, at a distance of only 11 kilometers from the city of Volos and 12 kilometers from the ski resort Agrioleufkes, makes it an ideal destination for all seasons. {Booking now here}

Compositionally, the curved stone walls on the first level tie together the more conventional, pre-existing rectangular buildings, while the raw structural simplicity and smooth transition from interior to exterior, from built to natural, form another relationship with the landscape. {Booking now here}

The entrance to the hotel is on the lowest level of the plot, with the result that the common reception areas, the living room and the bar have an unlimited view of Volos and Pelion (Makrinitsa). The buildings are joined by tunnels to accommodate the spa area, the indoor pool, the gym, the changing rooms and the rest of the auxiliary spaces. The upper levels of the buildings house the bedrooms.

A hotel unit of high standards, equipped with technological infrastructure and support for ventilation, lighting and sound insulation for the ultimate “comfort” of hospitality. A modern hotel complex, witness to the aesthetic “complicity” of all fine arts and the spiritual “participation” of all artisans. A challenge for a new “spatial” experience that is enriched at points with sophisticated sculptural forms as well as with a series of works by contemporary visual artists. {Booking now here}

Valeni Boutique Hotel is the destination of every couple or group of adults over 16 years old and the opportunity to get to know Pelion in all seasons of the year. Our choice to appeal to people over 16 years of age ensures tranquility and the possibility for the visitor to enjoy the modern spa facilities, to “read” the artists and their works exhibited in the premises and to be “guided” on local enchanting routes and culinary delights at the “Mountain of the Centaurs”.

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